Day 5

When you have Vivaldi’s Tracker and Ad Blocker enabled, you can take a look at how many trackers and ads have been blocked while you’ve been browsing with Vivaldi.

To see how many trackers and ads have been blocked on the website you’re on, click on the  Content blocker button on the left side of the Address Field.

To see overall statistics, click on ‘Show Privacy Statistics’ or head over to the Start Page and take a look at the Privacy Statistics bar near the top. Click on it to see details.

In case you’ve disabled Privacy Statistics, you can use Quick Settings accessible from the top right corner of Start Page to enable them again.

Day 4

Having to go through each message and manually assign relevant flags and labels to them, or mark annoying messages as spam can be cumbersome. To speed up the process, set up Filters in Vivaldi Mail that do it for you.

To create Filters in Vivaldi Mail:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Mail Filters and Actions.
  2. Click on  Add Mail Filter.
  3. Give the filter a name
  4. Define the criteria for filtering.
  5. Click Add to Search.
  6. Click Add Action and decide what should happen to the messages that match the filter criteria.
  7. Click Add Mail Filter.

If you use Vivaldi Webmail, you can create additional filters on the server by going to Filter settings in the web interface. See Tip #75 for more info.