Day 22

Rushing to get the last-minute holiday tasks checked off your list? Follow this tip to do things faster.

If you regularly use the same commands one after the other, you could create a Command Chain from them, which will execute your chosen commands in a sequence after a single action from you.

To create a Command Chain:

  1. Go to Settings > Quick Commands > Command Chains.
  2. Click on  Add Command Chain.
  3. Give the new chain a name.
  4. Change Command 1 to an action you want to execute first.
  5. Click on  Add Command on the right side to add the next command in the sequence.
  6. When you’re done adding the commands, click Test Chain to confirm that it works as expected.

Now you can trigger a chain from Quick Commands, assign it a custom Keyboard Shortcut or a Mouse Gesture, or add a button to one of the Toolbars

Take a look at example Command Chains from Vivaldi Community members on

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